Dearest Brenda,
I appreciate your help with my house and all the paperwork!  Thank you so very much.
Janice D.

Thanks for doing such a good job. It really is a pleasure working with someone like you. You do outstanding work and I just want you to know how much it is appreciated.
Dick & Kay

During the past year I have had the pleasure of working with a Sunwood resident who I'm sure you all know. This person is Brenda Flick. Through the years I have had many Realtors but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a letter of commendation for any of them. Through three real estate transactions Brenda has been extremely helpful, professional and has always put my best interest first. She is an agent who works for her client. In past transactions with other Realtors I always felt that the agent was more concerned with their monetary compensation than they were me. I have found this not to be the case with Brenda Flick. We have all witnessed Brenda's interest in the neighborhood by her many activities for Sunwood. This is based on a true concern for the welfare of Sunwood and I believe extend far beyond what could be considered "Good Business". I now reside (out of state) and did not expect Brenda to still be a good neighbor, but she is. She has stayed in touch by letter and also continues to send the Sunwood Newsletter. How many realtors do you know who would still care after the escrow has closed? I will close with the obvious reason for this letter: I RECOMMEND BRENDA FLICK FOR ANY OF YOUR REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS, WITHOUT RESERVATION. 
Cindy T.

I have been enjoying Brenda's promotions and newsletters (especially those) all these years. Even though Brenda and I know I'm probably never going to sell my (Sunwood) house, she still takes care of me along with the rest of our neighborhood. We finally ended up with a house she could sell for me in Mission Viejo. Let me tell you friends and neighbors, she and Dave go beyond the call of duty when it comes to SERVICE. This was my first experience in a Real Estate deal since buying my Sunwood home...years ago. I got a taste of both ends of the spectrum in this deal: the hard working Flicks to the "other agent". Brenda ended up doing all of the work, while the other agent just sat on her DUFF. To make a long story short; if and when I ever sell my Sunwood home Brenda gets the job. Those other Real Estate agents are nice people and I enjoy talking to them, but let's face it; Who puts on all those (garage) sales, writes that newsletter, gives those pumpkins away, and to top it off lives in our neighborhood? BRENDA So remember, you don't have to be moving to give Brenda your business. Show her you appreciate her work and give her your listing. You'll be glad you did, I was. 

In this frantically busy world of today, the public always finds the time to complain about an employee or a company, but rarely takes the time to give a "pat-on-the-back". That's what I wish to do now. Brenda Flick deserves a big pat on the back. She is my real estate agent and helped to sell my house in record time. One of the nicest things about Brenda is that she was always available. She seemed to anticipate my questions before I asked them, and she kept me well informed about each process as we went thru every stage. She is an asset for your company. Thank you Brenda.
Jeanne J

Give that lady a raise! Which lady am I referring to? - Brenda Flick of course! My husband and I can not thank Brenda enough for all she has done in the selling of our home and the purchase of another. Brenda weathered pouring rain, an inept real estate agent, numerous repairs and moaning, groaning, complaining clients. Every day we went to look at homes it poured. Brenda, ever smiling, just waded through every property with us. When we finally found our dream property Brenda continually monitored repairs, inspections, etc. She pretty much did the other agent's jobs. There were many times we became discouraged with delayed repairs, procrastinating loan companies and missed escrow dates. However, Brenda kept on top of everything. She continually called agents, repairmen, loan officers, escrow agents - whoever was needed to speed things along. We joked that this must be the "escrow from hell!" I credit Brenda with persistence and the patience to turn every problem into a solution. She kept our spirits up and helped us to find humor in the most frustrating moments. I found Brenda ever ready to to talk about any concerns we had. She answered phone calls promptly and always let us know exactly what was going on. I could continue to tell you in great detail every problem Brenda overcame for us - but instead let me just say that Brenda is a Great agent, a wonderful person, and a true friend! We love our new home and look forward to dinner and margaritas with the Flick's soon. 
Bob & Wendy

I am writing this letter to inform you of how pleased I am with the real estate services provided by one of your agents, Brenda Flick. I had been a Sunwood resident for 10 years and had been acquainted with Brenda through the many services she had provided our neighborhood. She made Sunwood more than just a place to live, she made it a place we could call home. When it came time to list my home I asked 3 different realtors to give me a market evaluation of my home and to describe how they would market it if given the listing. Brenda was very professional in her preparations, prompt, and most importantly, completely candid. She described the current market to me, provided me with recent listing and selling prices and helped me evaluate my home against those.... I felt that the other agents were telling me what they thought I wanted to hear. I felt I could trust Brenda's professional judgment. Throughout the entire process she handled everything very efficiently and expertly. Brenda was more than just a realtor, she was a friend to me at a very stressful time. Of course we were both thrilled when my home sold in just 11 days.! Selling a home and moving is never easy. However, my recent experience was made much easier and more pleasant thanks to the efforts of Brenda Flick. 
Jennifer B

Brenda handled the sale of our home. Her prformance was "INCREDIBLE" and that almost fails to describe her ability, skill and knoledge regarding real estate transactions. Thorough, dedicatd and resourceful, she possesses a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience within the real estate field and is highly respected by her peers, as evidenced by their comments to me and my wife. During the 5 years we lived in El Toro we talked to various realty agents seeking information and advice on real estate matters. It was during these initial inquiries that it became eident to us that Brenda was the person in-the-know and was capable of providing us the most up-to-date and accurate data we needed. She camae over and discussed this issue thoroughly....The suggestions she made were sound and logical. We accepted those suggestions and as a result we received our first offer all most immediately.... From that point on, my wife and I did not have to do anything. Brenda being the competent person she is, took care of everything.... I then just awaited the closing date. This process went so smoothly that had the ...Sold sign not been on the front lawn, I would have forgotten we sold the house. In our eyes Brenda is truly an exemplary real estate agent and even more, a friend and good neighbor who has demonstrated that she really cares about people. We are going to miss her and all the other great neighbors. We wish we could take Brenda with us to Wisconsin to handle our realty transactions there.... 
Tom & Sherry

What John & I really want to say is "Thank you so much" for going far and above the call of duty in trying to sell our house. I know you worked so hard keeping the house ready to be shown while we were in another state. We appreciate all the "extra" effort you put in. I know we chose the best person for the job. If we meet someone in need of a realtor moving your way you can be sure we will mention your name & how hard you worked to sell our house. 
John & Donna D

Thank you so much for your service "above and beyond". Wish I could provide a referral, but few people here in the Northland are moving to Orange Co. If you're ever in the Northwoods, please stop by. 
Gail C

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for evrything you did for us. Also a thank you to Dave for notarizing all our papers for us. If you are ever in our area please come by. Again thank you so much for all you did and for your wonderful Sunwood events for the past 8 years we were...(in Sunwood). 

I don't know where to begin to say how much I appreciate your hard work, follow up and overall professionalism in a really difficult real estate sale. Again let me say "Thank you" for a job well done. If you and Dave come to the Bay area sometime, look me up and I'll buy you a dinner. 

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you were in helping me find my condo. I love the place. It's so nice to have something that is yours. Thanks again. 
Bob Y

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful friend and Real Estate agent working on our side. Every time we open our new front door we'll always remember that it was you and your hard work that made it all possible. We really wanted to get you something to say thank you; it's not much but we hope you can put them to good use. 
Arnold & Grace T

Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help. We couldn't have done it without you. We're planning a trip back already - so we'll stop to say hi! 
Bill & Sue K

I have truly enjoyed working with you! I still can't believe I'm a home owner! I will have to have you and Dave over once I'm all settled in & have furniture! Thanks again for everything! 
Sue N

Thank you both so very much for your kindness and prompt response to our problems. Brenda, thanks for all your help in making this possible. I know that we were meant to have this house. And you played a big part in it. I'm glad we are going to be neighbors. And if there is ever anything that we can do for you, please let us know. 
Suzanne & Rafael

Dave & Brenda, It was a pleasure doing business with both of you. 
Paul D
Brenda Flick
Brenda Flick
23120 Alicia Pkwy Mission Viejo CA 92692